ISG Quick Facts 5

“EPLI stands for Employment Practices Liability Insurance. It is a coverage that protects employers from employees who feel their rights have been violated. sexual harassment, discrimination, Failure to employ or promote are just a few of the most common.”

ISG Quick Facts 4

“Collision coverage covers any damage to your vehicle as a result of colliding with another vehicle or stationary object. Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle as a result of theft, fire, vandalism, hitting a deer, a skipping rock damaging your windshield, etc.”

ISG Quick Facts 3

“The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums and vise versa. However, this does not mean that you should increase your deductible to $5,000 if you would only be able to come up with $500 in the even of a loss. Deductibles should be an individual preference and determined based on your ability to cover that amount should a loss occur.”

ISG Quick Facts 2

“Hired and Non-Owned Auto Coverage is coverage for the policyholder against liability incurred while driving an automobile not owned or hired by the policyholder or resulting from the use of someone else’s automobile on the insured’s behalf, such as an employee using a personal car for the employer’s business purposes. This coverage is automatically included in personal and most commercial automobile policies.”

ISG Quick Facts 1

“Flood Damage is an exclusion and a coverage that must be purchased separately. For more information regarding Flood Insurance, contact our agency or visit”