The More Things Change

“The only constant is change.”  

How your organization operates can change over time whether through workforce changes, cultural changes, product changes, or even leadership changes.

Any one of these can create the need to review and revise insurance coverage.

Your insurance agent may not be aware of organizational changes unless there is a process in place to ensure the conversation happens on a regular basis. Some process ideas are:

•Schedule annual meetings with your insurance agent

•Create an operating checklist that includes the
question – does this impact our coverage.   This checklist would
apply to any staff change, equipment purchase, building lease, and more.)

•Implement internal reviews to evaluate change

The goal of these process ideas is to
create a way to keep track of changes within the company to be sure nothing
falls through the cracks.

Maintaining proper protection is essential for sustained growth so utilize your advisors and stay on top of changes that impact your operations.

We welcome the opportunity to help you review your coverage to ensure you stay protected.