About Us


Tracing its roots back to 1935, Insurance Systems Group, Inc. (ISG), was founded by the late Michael Herzak Jr. in Cleveland, Ohio. This agency represented the Motorists Insurance Group and was a charter agency for Grange Insurance Companies, both headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Now a 3rd Generation company, Insurance Systems is currently led by Michael G. Herzak, President, and his two sons, Vice Presidents Michael G. Herzak II and Daniel C. Herzak.

Throughout its history, Insurance Systems has thrived by focusing on client advocacy and customer experience.It has valued carrier relationships. Its growth has been centered on three principles: service our customers, attract new business, and acquire other agencies looking to improve customer experience or perpetuate. In fact, through a number of acquisitions such as the Beardsley Agency in Warren, Ohio, the DC Insurance Agency in Parma, OH, and Tower Insurance Agencies, Inc. of Brook Park, Ohio, Insurance Systems Group has become one of the larger independent agencies in northeast Ohio.

As an independent agency, we represent many of the finest insurance companies around, both regionally and nationally. We have the ability to search the marketplace to find a qualified program at an affordable price to suit the needs of our clients. Our scope of operations includes commercial and personal insurance as well as life, benefits, bonds, and financial services. Many of our clients need a multitude of services, which ISG can provide. Our commitment is, and has always been, to maintain a client centric focus, providing safe, secure, and cost effective protection for every client.

Our Vision

Insurance Systems believes that “vision” is the catalyst for success in business and in life.

Insurance Systems’ success has been built on its ability to understand the complexities of today and to plan confidently for tomorrow and beyond. This vision, combined with knowledge, expertise, experience, and dedication to clients and client companies, sets Insurance Systems apart from so many others in the marketplace.

Our Vision for a client begins with a thorough analysis of existing coverage, current needs as well as intermediate and long term objectives. Our partnership philosophy enables us to evaluate, structure, and project future needs with client companies. We understand that our vision must also be our client’s.

We view the future as a time when sound protection programs are established. Our enduring reputation in the industry has resulted in prestigious relationships with the finest insurance companies through the nation. We can provide you with needed coverage at cost effective premiums.

A “vision of the future” becomes a reality for clients, today, as we offer comprehensive plans for property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, bonds, employee benefits, and other financial services. We offer additional specialized coverage programs with the knowledge that our dedication, integrity and service can be instrumental in securing your financial future.