Don’t Be Fooled by Insurance Ads


Recently, there has been a proliferation of advertising by insurance carriers that are interesting and even fun to watch. You have all seen Allstate’s “mayhem” ad, Farmers’ “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two,” Progressive’s “Flo” and Liberty Mutual’s “customizable” ad with “only pay for what you need.”

Interestingly, all of these ads describe claims and coverage situations that ALL carriers would readily cover. Yet, because these large carriers spend billions of dollars on ads espousing these things they leave the impression that only they provide coverage in these instances. In fact, frequently you can do better or equally as well with smaller companies who cannot afford to spend billions of dollars on ads. To be sure the consumer is paying for these ads through their premiums. Certainly not all carriers are the same, some are clearly better than others. However, there are standards that most carriers follow.

All of the carriers that we represent are rated by A. M. Best Co. “A-“ (Excellent) or better. They will all cover the types of claims you see in these mega carrier TV ads. With our many regional and national carriers we have terrific relationships and can use that relationship to advocate for you. So while these TV ads may be fun to watch don’t be fooled into thinking that those carriers are something special. Frequently we can offer you better coverage and pricing than these carriers and you get us to advocate for you at renewal time and claims time.