The Drug Test Dilemma


In states where marijuana is now legal, companies are faced with an interesting dilemma. According to a recent Insurance Journal article titled, “Why Companies Are Relaxing Employee Drug Testing”, drug testing “restricts the job pool, and in the current tight labor market, that’s having an impact on productivity & growth”.

Many companies in states where marijuana is legal have decided to limit drug testing to jobs with safety concerns. This change in attitude and policy as it relates to drug use has its advantages. The ability to expand the candidate pool allows these companies to hire the people they need to meet production demands.

This change comes with its fair share of risks, as well. Workplace safety and productivity are potential issues to consider before eliminating drug testing. As more and more states elect to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, companies will need to evaluate their current policies and procedures, ensuring they are current and clearly outline the company’s expectations. Doing so can help to eliminate any potential discrimination lawsuits.

It is also important to discuss drug testing policies with your attorney and insurance agent prior to implementation. Contact Insurance Systems Group for more information.