Keeping Your Business Safe In Cyberspace


How often do you think about keeping your business safe in Cyberspace? From malware to ransomware to hacking, security has taken on a whole new meaning. Being connected to the internet provides a door for cyber-criminals to walk right through. Businesses large and small are experiencing costly attacks every day. 

So, what can you do to secure your company? Start by realizing how criminals get in, and then create a plan to bar the door.

There are a couple of paths into any business’s data – email, cellphone, and firewall. When you have your IT company review your systems there are things you can implement to create barriers. Tight restrictions on what can penetrate your firewall is a start. Blocking suspicious emails is another, and having a robust antivirus program is critical.

The truth is that even with all of these systems in place, you can still be vulnerable. Any business with people in it is at risk no matter how tight their controls. Your employees aren’t intentionally putting the company at risk. They just don’t really understand the danger of some of their actions.

One of the most effective deterrents to cybercrime is knowledge. Create a process for consistently communicating with your staff about specific things they should be doing to stay safe. Remind them to check with a sender before opening an attachment. Did they really send it or is it a clever ruse? Educate your staff on common concerns. For example, if they hover over a link inside an email they can see where it really goes. Inform them of the extensions they should avoid. There are people who specialize in cybercrime prevention. Invite them in to have a talk with the staff. The better educated people are, not only of the risks but of what they can do to avoid trouble, the safer your company will be.

It might be helpful to set a google alert for ‘cybersecurity’ or ‘cybercrime’ so you are notified whenever a story is posted. That way you can stay current on what is actually happening in the business world. Sharing this timely information with your team will allow them to work with you on security.

Being proactive is, in itself, a deterrent. Get educated, share the education, and keep talking about the dos and don’ts. This is how you empower your own army against invasion.

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