Life Can Happen.


As Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) wraps up, it provides one last opportunity to stress the importance of Life insurance, and maybe more specifically, planning.  

When it comes down to it, life insurance is simply both short and long-term planning.  Determining the right policy for your individual situation can help you plan, not only for the unexpected and unforeseen of today, but the long-term goals of tomorrow.

Have a family?  You need life insurance.  

Have a mortgage?  You need life insurance.

Have retirement goals?  You need life insurance.  

Have estate-tax concerns?  You need life insurance.

Have aging parents?  You need life insurance.

Have a business?  You need life insurance.

There is a great non-profit organization called Life Happens ( which operates as an educational and informational resource for those considering life insurance.  Whether you are a single individual, in a marriage, have kids, retired, or own a business, this site, like the life agents on our team, can help explain the benefit of life insurance for each situation.

Remember, only 62% of individuals have life insurance but 100% need it.

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