Data Breaches Are On The Rise

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It seems that no industry is immune to a data breach or cybercrime. Retail, banking, and now, even healthcare. Consumers and businesses need to face the reality that with digital platforms comes great risk, and that data breaches are on the rise.

Consumers can have their identities, tax refunds, and bank accounts stolen. Businesses can have their customer data stolen or can be held hostage through ransomware. Recently, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s computer systems failed to work for days. The reason? The systems had been breached and were being held for ransom.

If this can happen to a government entity like an airport, imagine what can happen to your business. Industry experts warn that cyber criminals are targeting small businesses.

This doesn’t mean you are helpless. Small businesses should engage a cyber security expert to review best practices. Many incidents are caused by an employee opening a virus in an attachment or accessed through clicking on a link. Educating staff can help as well.

For consumers and businesses, cyber insurance is becoming as necessary as homeowners or car insurance. These invasions are only going to become more common. There’s real value in getting ahead of them now. If you’ve got questions about your level of risk, as well as solutions, give us a call.