Coverage from a storm.

There are times when the liability limits on your home, auto or business policy simply are not enough.  When that storm hits an Umbrella is there to cover you. 

Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance in addition to the limits of liability that your underlying policy (homeowners, auto, commercial general liability) already provides. The Umbrella is designed to kick in when the liability on these other policies has been exhausted. It can also provide coverage for claims that may be excluded by other liability policies or fill gaps within the insurance contract.

Unfortunately, we live in an “age of litigation.” Today, the cost of litigation and attorney fees, as well as settlements continue to rise. Sometimes the limits provided on your home, auto or commercial general liability policy are simply not enough.

Umbrella Insurance can offer peace of mind, knowing there is an additional layer of protection in the event you need it. If interested in hearing more, give us a call or request an Umbrella quote.