Antiochian Insurance Program


Group Affiliated Program

GuideOne Insurance and Insurance Systems insure many Antiochian Orthodox Churches. As such, we have negotiated additional benefits for participating churches.

In addition to being one of the most comprehensive insurance packages around, the Program offers the following benefits to churches insured under the plan:

  • A property coverage enhancement for each participating policyholder providing an additional 25% of their total building and contents amount of insurance, up to $1 million maximum, to use in case of an insured property loss. This comes at no additional cost to the parish;
  • Insurance Systems will be able to tailor an insurance plan to meet the needs of each individual church;
  • Each participating church will have the flexibility in determining their own coverage and limits;
  • Each church will receive their own policy; and
  • Each participating church will be billed individually.

Safeguard Your Church

As an Orthodox church, you want the peace of mind associated with a comprehensive insurance plan….a plan that can provide the best in property and liability coverages. GuideOne Insurance and Insurance Systems make that possible for you through its Group Affiliated Property and Casualty Insurance Program.

The Group Affiliated Program is designed to provide comprehensive insurance coverage for Orthodox churches throughout the United States. Participants in the program will receive additional benefits and the security that your Holy Artifacts are properly insured.

Center for Risk Management

GuideOne offers you resources to minimize risk through the GuideOne Center for Risk Management. The Center for Risk Management is dedicated to helping churches and faith-based organizations safeguard their ministries by providing the resources and training needed on safety, security, and risk management issues relevant to churches and affiliated ministries. For more information, call us at 800-860-3075.

Value-added Services

To provide our policyholders with a broad range of business and risk management solutions, GuideOne has developed the industry’s most extensive lineup of value-added services. Through strategic relationships with other industry leaders, GuideOne provides policyholders with access to everything from employee screening and volume purchasing, to church construction and legal resources. Many of these services are complimentary or available at reduced prices.