Coverage You Need

Property Insurance

One of the most common problem churches face with their insurance program is carrying the proper limits of property coverage. Buildings and contents need to be insured to their proper replacement cost, not their market value. Maintaining proper valuations on these items is critical. If not properly insured, the church could be responsible for paying a large portion of a loss. Determining the proper limits requires an expertise in church architecture and construction. Using our advanced estimating tools, expertise, and risk management techniques, ISG will make sure your house of worship is properly protected.

Liability Insurance

Covers the church’s legal liability in the event of lawsuits arising from negligence on the church’s part, whether it is on the premises or in the scope of the church’s operation. Coverage is also afforded for damages resulting from other offenses, such as libel, slander, and defamation of character.

Sexual Misconduct Liability

Protection against claims alleging sexual misconduct or sexual molestation arising out of activities of the organization. This includes coverage for clergy, Sunday school teachers, volunteers, etc., or anyone that comes in contact with children. With our risk management expertise, we can help you reduce the risk of sexual abuse in your church.

Pastoral Professional Liability

Protection for members of the clergy for damages resulting from acts, errors or omissions arising out of the performance of professional services including pastoral counseling services. Examples of this include bereavement counseling and marriage counseling.

Directors & Officers Liability

Provides liability coverage for acts, errors or omissions by clergy and laypersons who are officers, directors, trustees, wardens, deacons, elders or members of the vestry. Includes expenses incurred in defending lawsuits arising from alleged wrongful acts of officers or directors.

Non-Owned & Hired Auto Liability

Coverage for the policyholder against liability incurred while driving an automobile non-owned or hired by the policyholder or resulting from the use of someone else’s automobile on the insured’s behalf, such as an employee using a personal car for the employer’s business purposes. This coverage is automatically included in personal and most commercial automobile policies.

Religious Expressions

Coverage designed to indemnify a church for costs resulting from allegations of discrimination.  

Theft, Disappearance, & Destruction of Money

Offers coverage to the church in the event of a robbery, whether on the church’s premises or off the premises.

Employee Dishonesty (Theft)

Protecting the church if an employee or volunteer absconds with the church’s money or personal property.

Owned Auto Liability

Transportation is one of the greatest risks that organizations face. In the event the church owns a car, van or bus, this coverage will protect the church for bodily injury and property damage arising from automobile-related negligence.

Worker’s Compensation

Protection which provides benefits to employees for any injury or contracted disease arising out of and in the course of employment. All states have laws which require such protection for workers and prescribe the length and amount of such benefits provided. Even if your pastor or other workers are 1099 subcontractors, the laws of your state may still require your parish to purchase workers compensation for them. Make sure your parish is in full compliance.


A form of liability insurance protecting policyholders for claims in excess of the limits of their primary automobile, general liability and workers compensation policies. This helps in protection against catastrophic negligent events.

Employment Practices Liability

Protection against claims alleging wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment in the workplace. This is a growing area of litigation and churches are not exempt.